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Re: New box

Joe Hart wrote:
> fmccormick@videotron.ca wrote:
>> I know this is OT, but I am running Debian Etch  -I picked up a new computer last light - 2.4 ghz with a dual core processor....put my hd from my old machine in it...and WOW! I thought Etch was fast before on my 450mhz P3.This however is just the lead in to a question I am hoping the gurus here can answer.The computer came with an LG DVD player - but I'd like to install my CD burner in as well. Etch recognizes the DVD drive as /dev/hdd. Question is [OT alert] should I make the CD burner the slave to the DVD, or should I make it the slave to the HD? The Intel board only has two IDE connectors or is there a better way ?? Sorry guys definitely OT for this list.Thanks
>> ---Frank McCormick---
>> ------Montreal--------
> For better performance (mainly copying from the CD to the DVD or vice
> versa) IMO you're better off using the CD to the slave of the HD.
> Joe
Wouldn't that tend to cause problems when when writing data from HDD to
CD and also accessing the hard disk with some other programs he is
running at that time?

PS: replied to Joe earlier :(

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