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Re: Attracting newbies

Douglas Allan Tutty wrote:
> So if we go with the wiki, we (or at least I) have to learn a new markup
> language and resign ourselves that the work can't be used in any other
> work.  If we go with another format, it needs a home and we (or at least
> I) have to learn a new markup language.  Unless, of course we don't need
> html and can do with pdf, ps, and plain text.  If so, does anyone other
> than me use Lout?
> I wonder if the frustration over all this lack of a documentation
> infrastructure is a good reason why the documentation isn't as easy to
> find as we seem to think it should be?
> Doug.
The way I see it all that we'll need is HTML, PDF, and plain text. Plain
text is the easiest to read through a terminal window, and it should be
how we write the original documentation. Once we finish a full plain
text version we can worry about converting it to other formats.

HTML is nice for viewing over the internet, and whenever possible I
prefer HTML over PDF. Especially since you can tie URLs in HTML to other
points on the page, so that you can link someone back and forth
throughout a single page quickly and easily.

PDF is good for it's sleekness really, I know nothing about the PDF
format so I'm going to completely leave this in someone else's hands.
But since PDF supports images, why don't we add in a few images for the
PDF version? (Maybe the HTML version, but I really do think that this
project should be as text based as possible.)

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