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Re: Attracting newbies

RE: how to write the documentation, where to put it.

It seems that wget won't crawl through a wiki, it will just grab the one
page.  Its no different than saving the page with the browser.

>From this, one can produce a postscript output but with no control over
formatting.  There doesn't seem to be a way to create a pdf that has
links that work.  Going the other way, there doesn't seem to be a way to
create an html from a pdf that has links.  I guess this is why they
invented DebianDoc.

The wiki.d.o discussion on copyright doesn't seem to have come to a
decision about what license the wiki is under.  Someone noted that it is
not legal to take stuff from the wiki and make a HOWTO or use it in any
other project.  The wiki itself uses crytic formatting that is just
something new to learn.

So if we go with the wiki, we (or at least I) have to learn a new markup
language and resign ourselves that the work can't be used in any other
work.  If we go with another format, it needs a home and we (or at least
I) have to learn a new markup language.  Unless, of course we don't need
html and can do with pdf, ps, and plain text.  If so, does anyone other
than me use Lout?

I wonder if the frustration over all this lack of a documentation
infrastructure is a good reason why the documentation isn't as easy to
find as we seem to think it should be?


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