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Re: Best way to shrink Windows on new laptop?

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 17:15, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> On 31 Jan 2007, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> I failed to resize the Windows partition (Windows XP) with both the
> Debian installer disk and qparted. They appeared to work but at the end
> the partition was still the same size.

I recently needed to find some more harddrive space. The only drive that had 
some was the original drive that came with the machine with XP on it. Q, or 
was it Qtparted on the Knoppix disc wouldn't detect the disc with XP on it, 
although it did detect the fixed harddive which now has a mix of NTFS, and 
FAT partitions. I dl'd the gparted live cd from sourceforge, and this worked 
first go. XP (NTFS) on the 40GB drive was reduced to 12GB. XP was taking up 
IIRC 8.3GB, but I set it to 12GB as after doing a defrag on XP it showed some 
immovable files, with a bunch of free space inbetween. I also deactivated 
XP's system-restore in case that might cause any problems with the resizing.

And info how to use it.

As I said it worked first go, and gave me 28GB of freespace, which now has 
Kubuntu, and FC5 using it up. The only problem I had was that Kubuntu didn't 
ask for a swap partition, and when I installed FC5, I created a / partition, 
then a /home, but it wouldn't create a swap. I removed the /home partition, 
then the swap created ok, but then I couldn't create the /home partition. 
There were complaints about the partitioning. I removed the swap, recreated 
the /home, and left it without a swap. There is 1GB RAM on the machine, so it 
isn't really a problem. Just a bit of rambling info if it's of any use.

Hope you get it resized.


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