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Re: Recording audio with Debian - hardware/software suggestions

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:
> many mixing boards have two outputs: 1 for the mains and 1 for the
> monitors. The levels can generally be controlled seperately for these
> two channels. If you have that capability, I would recommend you use
> the monitor output for recording as you can then control the levels
> hitting the sound card. You can effectively have two mixes then, one
> for the amplifier and one for recording. ignore me if you already know
> this  :)
> A

Thanks for the info. As I don't know much about mixers, I was trying to
know what the various outputs meant and I actually had no idea for the
"monitor" outputs :) I'm getting to know the mixer bit-by-bit. It is a
Electro-Voice BK-1232 Stereo Mixer and not much documentation was
available for it on the web.


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