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Re: Recording audio with Debian - hardware/software suggestions

Raffaele Morelli wrote:
>     The following are the questions which come to mind for the hardware:
>     1. What kind of processing power do we need? Would a 2.0GHz PIV based
>     machine be OK?
> If you don't intend to mix the tracks and apply heavy effects to them
> (compression, eq, etc etc..) 2.0Ghz it's enough, actually I am able to
> record up to 6 tracks simoultaneously.

For now we are just planning to use two Y-connections for the SUB-L and
SUB-R and give one output to amplifier and the other (stereo 2 track) to
the sound card(on board, and still planning to get a real one). This
seems to be the simplest configuration (as Roberto suggested) and would
be good enough for the speeches. For the musical parts we plan to use
the mixer for the time being.

>     2. RAM is 512MB currently. Would it be enough?
> It's enough but more would be better, and still it depends on how many
> tracks you are going to record and what you wanna do with it.
>From the looks of it the on board sound card will take stereo input only
and more tracks will probably have to wait till the new card.

>     3. What kind of sound card would be a good choice? The ultimate
>     objective being to archive the audio as mp3/ogg.
> No matter what your archive format will be, you will record in wave format.
Hmm....wave, that means another added task of wave -> ogg conversion.

>     4. Should the audio be captured from the mixer or from the amplifier?
> Mixer, for sure. But if do not intend do keep each single track (each
> microphone) you record and you don't care of quality...
>     Software wise: which applications are there which can help in recording
>     the audio? For splitting/editing the audio I think Audacity is a good
>     candidate. Are there others of the same kind?
> Ardour, a great and professional multitrack!! ...
Ardour is great. But I think we might go with Audacity as sometimes none
of the tech-savvy people are there and we want others to be able to
learn application usage easily.

>     Anything else we need to consider for the setup?
> Simply a choice: record a single track using 4 sources (4 microphones)
> or record each micro into a track. To accomplish the first task you
> won't need nothing more than a standard audio card, for the second you
> need a multi input audio card
Yes, we are looking into a new audio card and will probably use the
onboard one till get the new one.

> regards
> raffaele

Thanks for all the tips Roberto, Raffaele, and Douglas.

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