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Re: Small Network Setup with Debian Router

On 29-jan-2007, at 21:57, Kristian Lampen wrote:

I plan to set up a home network, a little bit more than a DSL- router-box
with the PC's connected to it. I could do so, but for reasons of fun
(hobby), the learning aspect and be in touch with future technologies, I
want to do it more flexible and controllable.

This is my plan:

                     [WiFi Access Point]
                                     |      PC3   PC2    PC1   LAPTOP
                                     |        |     |     |       |
[------- Switch--------------------]
                                                      | NIC 1
                                            [Debian Router]
                                                 | NIC 2

All network interfaces should be Gigabit-interfaces.

So, my questions are:

1. Is this network setup realisable?
as others have writte already; yes. to make things simpler, make sure you bridge the dsl-modem; they tend to come routed.

2. Is it correct to place the WiFi Access Point connected to the switch,
or better directly to the Debian Router?
Best would be to have another NIC on the router for the WAP (or use a PCI WLAN card), so you can have stricter rules in the FW for wireless clients. For instance, allow only certain (DHCP per mac address assigned) IP's to access the LAN from the WLAN and let others only access the WAN. WLAN in inherently less secure than wired networking, so it'd be nice to keep them separated.

3. I want to have the possibility to see the whole network traffic with the router. Not only the traffic from the PC's through the router to the outside world. How can I manage this? Do I have to buy a switch with the port-mirroring feature? If so, how do I have to connect it to the Router?
I've read something about using an old non-switching hub attached to your network and an old cpu, running snort. This way you should be able to sniff all traffic. Dunno much more about it tho, never tried it myself.

4. Does someone have examples for Switches I could use?
AFAIK, just plain vanilla switches should do, unless you'd want to fiddle with vlan...



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