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Re: replying to a message in debian-user

> On Thursday 25 January 2007 10:26, Easthope wrote:
> > When I work at home, thunderbird can send a
> > reply to a message posted on this list.
> >
> > Presumeably it sends the Message-id of the
> > preceeding message, or a thread identifier
> > to the list maintenance program to allow
> > connecting the new message into the correct
> > thread.
> >
> > Thunderbird is not available when I am away
> > from home.  Then I must use a Web based MUA,
> > MailSite Express version 7.0.3, Rockliffe
> > Email Server.
> >
> > In this circumstance, is there any way to
> > reply to a message so that the thread
> > connection is maintained?

On 25.01.07 10:55, Wesley J. Landaker wrote:
> Well, if your web-based MUA supports it, it can and should do threading 
> correctly. Barring that, as long as the subject stays intact, often other 
> people's MUA will do pseudo-threading by subject line if there is no other 
> threading information in the headers.

I wouldn't rely on this. Using proper headers like References: and
In-Reply-To: is important, otherwise we don't know where in thread does the
message belong to.

quick searching on MailSite Express web didn't tell anything if the server
supports threading, nor those headers... I'm afraid it does not.

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