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Re: Root privilege (SOLVED)

On Wed, Jan 10, 2007 at 11:57:25PM EST, Douglas Tutty wrote:

> I haven't looked at mplayer.  Do you mean that I can watch a DVD on a
> serial console?  I use lynx when I don't need frames or images and dillo
> when I do.  I only use firefox when I need java or images + https.  I've
> tried some other text-based browsers supposed to do frames and stuff but
> I couldn't get them to work.  The man pages said the interface was
> intutitive.  I couldn't even intuit the help.  

I use elinks for 99% of my browsing because it is so fast.  Web pages
are loaded and rendered quasi instantaneously -- ie. it's there quicker
than I can think of my next keyboard action.  With the gui web browsers
I have tried .. mozilla in particular .. the rendering is so slow that I
have the opposite problem .. By the time the web page is rendered I have
had time to think about a dozen other things and I have forgotten what I
initially wanted to do.

Apart from some problems with javascript & css .. elinks just does most
everything I need  -- and naturally this includes weeding out all the
crud .. popups ..  shockwave commercials .. whatever.  :-)

You need to run it on a 256-color xterm or equivalent for a near-gui

If you really want to take a look at an image you can set it up to invoke
something like imagemagick's "display" or other ..

Regrettably, it doesn't do https yet so I still have to launch mozilla
to pay my bills online .. check my bank statements etc.

Another plus is that it is well supported via a very responsive mailing
list and the #elinks irc channel.

Another strong point is that most everything can be customized either in
native mode -- keyboard shorcuts ie. -- or via scripts.  Try that with
mozilla or firefox.

I admit that it took me some time and effort to get it to work the way I
wanted but it was worth it. Once I was set up I never looked back.

> I remember when I was first transitioning from OS/2 to linux.  Mostly, I
> ran WordPerfect (the text-mode version) that had a preview screen.  It
> took me a while to get used to lout, make a ps, then launch gv to
> preview it.  Once I get my etch box all set up I'll try Lyx but
> primarily as a way to learn latex.

If you have some familiarity with markup languages .. if you are not
keyboard-challenged .. and if you want the full power of TeX/LaTeX .. do
yourself a favor and don't bother with LyX .. As Roberto recommends,
install the latex plugin (I think they call it "suite") and do your
stuff in vim.

I spent forever trying to get LyX to play nice and I never felt
comfortable with it .. With a bit of help from the very knowledgeable
and helpful regulars on the LaTeX mailing list, coming up to speed with
native LaTeX turned out to be a breeze in comparison.



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