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Re: flashplayer9? (Mystery solved)

On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 10:02:40AM -0800, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> >>
> >>I just ran locate again this morning.  It found all the file and 
> >>symlinks in all the system directories that the install of 
> >>flashplayer-nonfree placed there.  It DID NOT find the files in my 
> >>user directory, or in my wife's user directory tree.  These are the 
> >>places that it did find it yesterday after I manually ran updatedb.  I 
> >>ran updatedb MANUALLY this morning, and now it finds all copies of the 
> >>file, in system AND user directories.  Why would it find the files 
> >>after a manual run of updatedb, and then lose them overnight?
> >>
> >>Here is a copy of my /etc/updatedb.conf:

> >># run find as this user
> >>LOCALUSER="nobody"
> >>export LOCALUSER
> >>    
> >
> >I suspect this is the pertinent bit. per nam updatedb, $LOCALUSER
> >controls which user is used to search local directories. When the cron
> >job runs, it uses "nobody", when you run it, it runs as you. So you
> >(most likely) have read permissions on your local dirs, but I bet
> >"nobody" doesn't.
> >  
> BINGO!!!
> Both /home an ~/ have permissions of 755, giving read access to everyone 
> (my wife and I are the only persons with physical access).  However, 
> ~/.mozilla has permissions of 700, no access to anyone but me!
> Is it reasonable to let updatedb run as root, so that ALL directories 
> would be included, or is this a Bad Idea (TM)?

FWIW, my .mozilla is 755 but I don't know why that is. 

Probably "safer" to just chmod .mozilla than have another process
running as root. I don't know what the dangers of running updatedb as
root could possibly be but...


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