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Re: flashplayer9?

Kent West wrote:
Marc Shapiro wrote:
Wulfy wrote:
Kent West wrote:
You probably still have the ver7 .so in one of the plugins paths for Firefox. Do a "locate libflashplayer.so" and rename/move any that you aren't confident is the v.9 version out of any relevant plugins directories.

I don't appear to have ANY version of flash currently installed --

Er, you mean "ANY version of flash currently installed by Debian"; you can still have a locally-installed version.

/$ locate libflashplayer.so

I would rename all these instances and restart FF and see what happens.

I closed firefox and unmounted the /mnt/Sarge partitions. Now running 'locate libflshplayer.so' returns nothing. I restarted firefox and it still runs the flash on that page, as well as on others.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Marc Shapiro

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