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Re: flashplayer9?

Kent West wrote:
Marc Shapiro wrote:
I closed firefox and unmounted the /mnt/Sarge partitions.  Now running
'locate libflshplayer.so' returns nothing.  I restarted firefox and it
still runs the flash on that page, as well as on others.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Okay; that's getting weird.

"updatedb" runs by default, I believe, every day. However, just to be
sure, I'd run it manually, then do another run of your locate command.
And this is weirder -- after running updatedb, locate now says that libflashplayer.so exists in ~/.mozilla/plugins. Ok, so it is installed locally, instead of globally. I can deal with that. But why did locate not find it before? Is updatedb not running automatically on my system? Maybe I'll go back to using 'find' instead of 'locate.' The syntax for locate is easier, but find never missed anything before (that I know of).

Marc Shapiro

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