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Re: security problem: console text gets sent to printer

On 10/6/06, Lubos Vrbka <lists@vrbka.net> wrote:
Mumia W.. wrote:
> There is no way to disable the special input modes. That's why Debian
> provides both rxvt-xpm (rxvt) and urxvt (rxvt-unicode).
ok, good to know... maybe i should return back to uxterm :)

> BTW, I can input accented characters in rxvt using my Multi_key
> (Compose). I used xmodmap to assign an unused key to the Compose key. I
> press Compose-A-` to get À.
> Here are some more fun composed characters: § ½ ¶ ÷ × « »
> è é ö â ø ÿ
the problem is that rxvt-xpm is not even able to display utf-8 encoded
text files with special characters - it's just producing garbage...
(even with unicode font used)

My problem with rxvt-xpm is that it doesn't use the Rxvt*tintColor,
Rxvt*fading, or Rxvt*shading resources.

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