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Re: security problem: console text gets sent to printer

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On 10/05/06 19:58, Jason Dunsmore wrote:
> On two different occasions over the past month, text from the console
> was sent to the printer.  It prints 3-4 copies of 2-3 pages from the
> console.  The text is printed out just like it's shown in the console,
> with both the commands and their output.
> I use urxvt as my X console, and I run several bash sessions inside of
> screen.  Only the text from one of the sessions printed.  The first
> time text was printed from the root account, the second time it was
> from my user account.  The last command I typed before text started
> printing was xlock.
> I'm running the latest Etch with 2.6.16-2-686-smp.  This is a pretty
> big security problem, since my computer prints to a shared printer.
> Any idea what's causing it?

If this was CP/M, I'd say that someone has pressed ^P.

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