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Re: security problem: console text gets sent to printer

On 10/05/2006 09:34 PM, Lubos Vrbka wrote:
On two different occasions over the past month, text from the console
was sent to the printer.  It prints 3-4 copies of 2-3 pages from the
console.  The text is printed out just like it's shown in the console,
with both the commands and their output.

I use urxvt as my X console, and I run several bash sessions inside of
screen.  Only the text from one of the sessions printed.  The first
time text was printed from the root account, the second time it was
from my user account.  The last command I typed before text started
printing was xlock.

I'm running the latest Etch with 2.6.16-2-686-smp.  This is a pretty
big security problem, since my computer prints to a shared printer.
Any idea what's causing it?

If this was CP/M, I'd say that someone has pressed ^P.
i reported the same thing on the list some time ago. i guess urxvt might be the culprit, i use it as well and see similar behavior. (i have etch, 2.6.17 kernel, amd64)

i don't know what triggers the printout... sometimes i manage to press some weird key combination and urxvt than show (for a second or so) yellow rectangle with some text in (bottom left) corner - but i'm not sure if this is the reason.

see my previous post on this topic, e.g., here:


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Hit Control-Shift, and urxvt (rxvt-unicode) goes into Unicode digit acquisition mode. Release Control, and it goes into "keycap insertion mode." Jason, perhaps some keys you press in one of those modes cause ^P or something similar to be generated.

I use rxvt-xpm nowadays because of such strangeness.


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