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Re: Debian server support

Thanks, this brings some relief.
The problem is that, when searching for info about a server machine offered by the reseller, I'm a bit scared to find out that only binary downloads for a restricted range of operating systems are available... this happened with an IBM machine, and now I'm looking for an Intel server board... it's advertised as having "Intel® Server Management 8" software, but will I be able to use it on Debian? Will I really need it? Can I live without it or is it an essential component? I'm having a hard way finding answers to these questions...

I'd always go with a server class machine with a RAID controller + raid 5 if I want it to do anything important - while a well put together PC would offer the same performance. You miss out on things like hot swapable drives, and dual power supplies with a PC class machine. You also don't have to worry about the airflow or cooling for the server. It's already designed for multiple disks. Support contracts you get from the supplier are are also useful.


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