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Re: apt-get pinning ? - Sarge / Stable - only install certain/specific packages from "testing"

Paul E Condon wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 26, 2006 at 04:22:08PM -0700, Willie Wonka wrote:

> Stop! You need to read documentation on apt-get and aptitude before you go 
> any further in changing your system. There are situations in which following
> piecemeal advice, as you are getting in prior post, will break your system.

Hi Paul, and all the others who've taken time to reply ;-)
I'm been very busy with my Day job (non-computer related).
> Your system seems to be working now. I believe this because you are able 
> to post messages and read messages on this list. 

Yes it is indeed! ....and yes I can.

> So, what is it about your
> system that you want to change and why? 

I would like to use the latest version of 'hdparm' -- because it has some
recent changes that may help me debug... specifically the bugs/update for the
-I option.
viewing the LSM file yields the changelogs;
Title:		hdparm
Version:	6.6
Entered-date:	2006-03-07
Description:	hdparm - get/set hard disk parameters for Linux IDE drives.
		v6.6 fix build on Redhat/Fedora
		v6.5 fix -I bugs introduced in v6.4
		v6.4 major update for -I, bug fix for -C
		v6.3 report ATA revisions > 7
		v6.2 major rework of ATA Security Commands
		v6.1 bug fix for BLKGETSIZE

> I detect a lot of faulty 'knowledge'
> in you[r] post.

I certainly hope not "a lot". There's certainly some confusion (especially on
my part)

>  Read the doc.s. In particular read man pages to learn why you
> need both update and upgrade. Do not rely on /etc/debian_version to tell you
> what version of debian you are running. It is a user controlled file. Once
> it is installed in the initial install, it is not changed by the apt-get
> system. 

Ok -- I still presume that "apt-get upgrade" will bring me up to 3.1r2? Perhaps
I'm mistaken?

For this install -- I *did* use CD #1(of 14) from the 3.1r1 release; everything
there-after has been d/l from the Internet -- NO "testing" entries were in any
files, _prior_to_yesterday_ , so if/when reviewing the relevant entries in
/etc/apt/preferences and /etc/apt/sources.list (upthread), just disregard the
"testing"...(disregard anything related to 'testing'), up until this point.

I did however perform the 1st "upgrade" ever, on this install, early yesterday
morning using this one entry for "testing";

~$ cat /etc/apt/preferences 
 Package: * 
 Pin: release a=testing 
 Pin-Priority: 50 

I used the -s option (before the actual upgrade) in 'apt-get', to view the
differences that would've occured... and it *seems* the entry above made no
difference (or only an extrememly minor diff). I am so concerned with not being
understood now, that I can't really recall.

> If your sources.list points to sarge or stable, you are running the current
> stable, which is sarge.

Yep ;-)

>  The r-number in the version is not really important
> to the user of a functioning stable system.

Trust me, I know -- I've broken many-a-'Stable'-system in the past (my own) --
and no, I'm not trolling, and I'm not a sadist -- I like to play with things, I
like to (try to) understand them. But please don't let that info keep anyone
from telling me how to upgrade an application.

>  You get the latest version of
> whatever package you want by downloading from a repository on the web. The
> r-number tells you what revision level a debian CD was written at. If you
> have web access, which I think you do, you stop using your install CDs as
> soon as you have functioning web access. 

I did...
I have broadband access, and have always used the inet for 'updates'. Until
yesterday, I have not performed any 'upgrades'.

> Are you now running stable or testing or what? 

Stable!, Stable!, ala horses -- <jk> ;-)

> This matters as to what advice
> you should be given, and it's not clear which you are running, although I
> suspect you are running stable, because r-numbers are not assigned to testing
> or unstable. 

You are corr-ect sir! (spoken like Ed McMahon, on "The Tonight Show" 'with
Johnny Carson' saying that)

> Next, what do you want to be running? 

Stable (with a sprinkling of "Testing").

> Why do you want to change?

Because certain Application bugs have been worked out, and the misinformation
given from certain hardware utilities will go a long way in helping decipher
what's actually occuring with my hardware. Debugging my "Stable" install, for
one, and then later building my own Kernel.

> Giving good advice requires that one knows what you want. From what
> I've read so far, your desire for change is driven only by a
> misunderstanding of what the r-number means.

I would say that you are misunderstanding what I am asking for - I could care
less what the 'r' (Release) number is - I'm much more concerned on how to "Pin"
appropriately....but since I've noticed 'r2' is now Sarge (and has been for a
few months) I might as well ask that question too. 

Back to my questions about /pinning/....
I'm having a little trouble understanding the "priority" numbers that one sets
when adding entries in the /etc/apt/preferences file. Before yesterday, there
were '0' entries in that file on this system...it was blank.

As an aside; would not "upGRADING" bring me up to 3.1r2?. My goal is that I
would like to *upgrade* _some_ applications. Right now, only just one app.,
This install is not a mission-critical File-server, and I would dearly like to
keep it up and running, but perhaps I should just move the whole system up to
Testing, if I can't work out this *pin priority* stuff.

Thank you for your concern and your input Paul , and Thanks to all the others
who've replied.


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