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Re: Debian server support

ZeroUno wrote:
The problem is that, when searching for info about a server machine offered by the reseller, I'm a bit scared to find out that only binary downloads for a restricted range of operating systems are available... this happened with an IBM machine, and now I'm looking for an Intel server board... it's advertised as having "Intel® Server Management 8" software, but will I be able to use it on Debian? Will I really need it? Can I live without it or is it an essential component? I'm having a hard way finding answers to these questions...

Hardware support is usually implemented via the kernel. If Suse's 2.6.8 kernel supports it, so should debian. If your hardware is really fancy and new, you risk installing debian sarge with a more recent selfcompiled (or backports.org or...) kernel.

Do you need this piece of software?
If your present server of debian sarge has all the features you need, why use a different set of server management software?

IBM's web site should tell you the features of their software. Are these features both necessary and not available in debian? I'd guess no, but go check yourself.


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