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Re: Debian server support

ZeroUno wrote:
Hello, I work in a small company where we have an internal
file/web/some-other-small-things server running Debian Sarge. It's a
"standard" PC used for server purposes, not a real server.
Now we're investigating the possibility to upgrade it, and we also want
to consider REAL servers, but... judging on the info collected until
now, I'm wondering if this actually makes sense.
With linux, this really doesnt make much sense. You're far better off in getting a custom built PC with lots of RAM and linux compatible hardware (SCSI cards) and software raid. Your cost will be much less and you'll get to keep your hair as well.

All my servers (file/Mail/NAT-with transparent proxy) are on custom built PCs and they all run on Debian Sarge without any problems. The NAT and Email servers are simple unbranded desktop PCs with lots of RAM and they serve a WAN consisting of 6 branches running 24/7 without a hitch.

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