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Debian server support

Hello, I work in a small company where we have an internal
file/web/some-other-small-things server running Debian Sarge. It's a
"standard" PC used for server purposes, not a real server.
Now we're investigating the possibility to upgrade it, and we also want
to consider REAL servers, but... judging on the info collected until
now, I'm wondering if this actually makes sense.

As far as I can see, when you look at server machines, e.g. entry level
servers from IBM or Intel, they officially declare Linux compatibility
only for commercial distributions such as Red Hat and SuSE. I still have
to find a server which is official declared Debian-compatible.

So I'm asking: why should I buy a server and pay much more than the
price of a custom-made high level PC, if I'm not even sure it will work
fine with the OS I'm using, running the risk of encountering binary-only
drivers for some server features and such, and being pretty sure that in
case of problems I'll not be able to obtain support from the hardware
producer because I'm not using one of the officially supported OSs?

What would you suggest us to do?
Or maybe someone can suggest any Debian-compatible servers?
Any experiences in this regard?
Thanks, any info can be really useful.


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