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Re: Debian server support

Hello, my personal view is that all this stuff ("someOS-compatible") is
crap. Just look for good & qualitative parts for the server and that's
My actual recommendation for server with several responsibilities in
small companies is an Vanerpool enabled Intel-machine for using with
Xen, some gigs of ram and a battery cached hotswap&hotspare
hardware-raid-5 controller with much ram. And of course a UPS.

Best regards


Am Dienstag, den 27.06.2006, 12:10 +0000 schrieb ZeroUno:
> Hello, I work in a small company where we have an internal
> file/web/some-other-small-things server running Debian Sarge. It's a
> "standard" PC used for server purposes, not a real server.
> Now we're investigating the possibility to upgrade it, and we also want
> to consider REAL servers, but... judging on the info collected until
> now, I'm wondering if this actually makes sense.
> As far as I can see, when you look at server machines, e.g. entry level
> servers from IBM or Intel, they officially declare Linux compatibility
> only for commercial distributions such as Red Hat and SuSE. I still have
> to find a server which is official declared Debian-compatible.
> So I'm asking: why should I buy a server and pay much more than the
> price of a custom-made high level PC, if I'm not even sure it will work
> fine with the OS I'm using, running the risk of encountering binary-only
> drivers for some server features and such, and being pretty sure that in
> case of problems I'll not be able to obtain support from the hardware
> producer because I'm not using one of the officially supported OSs?
> What would you suggest us to do?
> Or maybe someone can suggest any Debian-compatible servers?
> Any experiences in this regard?
> Thanks, any info can be really useful.
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