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Mail issues

Looking for a simple method of doing this:
Main reason for the changes, lost 255,000 email in a mbox format.

Don't want to store email into any kind of box
ie. Mbox

Want email to be retrieved from Pop3 accounts,
and (spam filter applied) and moved into folders,
as pure text (.txt) asii

Want a reader, that can read emails, in those folders,
and give function, like delete, and reply, and add sender,
to address list.

Would like to send email out, in some kind of small,
word processor (spell checker, etc...)
I used to used a program on a Mac called Nisus emailer,
that cool feature, of this program, I can be in ANY word process,
or text editor, and do this:

To: john@apple.com
Subject: New updates
Blah, Blah,

Then just select all, and drag to a mail icon on the desktop,
and off it went... Saving a copy of a pure text doc. (in the sent folder)

And all incoming emails were parsed, and save a pure text doc,
into folders.

Nisus had bad filters.. ( needed allot work )

I was hoping for something like this in Linux, since Linux has more option than mac.

... Any help would be appreciated

Thanks +++

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