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Re: Mail issues

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 04:17:43PM -0400, Richard wrote:
> Looking for a simple method of doing this:
> Main reason for the changes, lost 255,000 email in a mbox format.
> corrupted.
> First:
> Don't want to store email into any kind of box
> ie. Mbox
> Want email to be retrieved from Pop3 accounts,
> and (spam filter applied) and moved into folders,
> as pure text (.txt) asii

you're talking about Maildir format (there's another one too, can't
think of it right now). Many mailers support this format.

> Second:
> Want a reader, that can read emails, in those folders,
> and give function, like delete, and reply, and add sender,
> to address list.
> Third:
> Would like to send email out, in some kind of small,
> word processor (spell checker, etc...)

I like mutt. you can pick just about any editor you want, though the
obvious choice is emacs. :)



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