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Re: Mail issues

On Thu, May 11, 2006 at 04:17:43PM -0400, Richard wrote:
> Looking for a simple method of doing this:
> Main reason for the changes, lost 255,000 email in a mbox format.
> corrupted.



...sorry for the  loss and that i don't have a "substitute"

however, i just wanted to add that i use the "mbox" format,
but i just copy the "mbox" file into a new file at the end 
of each  year--to archive it.  then, i delete the contents 
of "mbox"  and start with an empty one at the beginning of 
the year.   

for example, i have these "mbox" files as yearly archives:


i typically archive  between 3,000-6,000  emails per year, 
and my email client, mutt, handles them nicely.  this way,
my  "mbox"  doesn't  grow  to become unmanageable or slow. 
and, certainly,  i can archive  more frequently, if neces-

so, if  i have  to find  old emails,  i just  look through 
those "archived" files.



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