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Need help with packaging decision

I need help making the following decision:

I need postgresql 8.1 and lighttpd and, just in case i'm forgetting
something, two other packages that are not available in debian sarge.
My problem is that the VPS I would like to use does not offer Debian
Etch.  So, in order to get those packages listed above, I need to d/l
the backports -- which many in #debian say is not recommended.  Here
are my options, which are in need of some desperate feedback.

1.  Find a new VPS which does offer Debian Etch, so that I can have
the packages which are not available for Sarge.

2.  Use Debian Sarge, but use the backports for the packages not
available for Sarge.

3.  Use Debian Sarge, but compile the apps from source when the
packages are not available for Sarge.

I am not sure of the security issues here, since this is going to be a
production server.  So all comments/suggestions are welcome.  Again,
the packages I need which are not available for Sarge are Postgresql
8.1 and the latest version of Lighttpd.

- Bradford

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