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Re: OT: Politics [Was:Social Contract]

Monique Y. Mudama wrote:
> On 2006-04-30, Roberto C. Sanchez penned:
>>Umm, who said my experience was subpar?  I went to the top school in
>>my county.  I had some of the best teachers in the state.  My
>>teachers took a personal interest in me.  My parents were involved
>>in my education (far more than most other parents).  That does not
>>change the fact that the system as a whole is broken.
> It's the implication when you say that the fact that you were educated
> in a public school is "exactly the reason why none of my children will
> *ever* go to a public school.  I like to think that I am succeeding in
> life *in spite* of the fact that I went to public school."
> Now, maybe you meant that you succeeded in life because your public
> school was exceptional, but that's not the simplest, most obvious
> interpretation of your statement.
No.  I mean exactly what I said.  I am a product of the public education
system in this country.  My experience was superb compared to most
others.  The vast majority of my peers (others in the same school and
different schools in the county), did not have such a good experience.
When I went through undergrad, I constantly ran into people who were
down right ignorant.  I mean it was sickening.

Last year, I was talking to a girl who was a sophomore or junior in
psychology.  I happened to ask for whom she had voted in the
presidential election (it had only been three or four months).  She said
Kerry.  When I asked her why, she said becuase she didn't want Bush in
office again.  When I asked, she seriously could not name one issue and
the position of either Bush or Kerry on that issue.  *That* is the
product of public education.

>>>A lot of "teenage troublemakers" went to the local Catholic school
>>>(whether or not they were Catholic) in my neighborhood.  All such
>>>kids that I met learned much worse behavior by going to school
>>>there (something like sending a first-time teen minor offender to
>>>jail, I suppose).
>>I'm not sure what your point is here.
> Just that private schools aren't inherently better than public
> schools, either.  And yes, you're absolutely right that it's a closed
> system right now and that the current private school system might have
> little in common with what we'd have if the school system were
> privatized.  (Does that word look weird to you?  It "feels" wrong with
> an "a".)
True.  Market forces are a marvelous thing.  Yes, it looks wrong, but is
spelled correctly :-)


Roberto C. Sanchez

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