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Re: Unable to write reliably CD-RW's!

Vegard L. Rekaa wrote:


My CD-burner is:
Lite-On LTR48126S (I'm not at home so I'm guessing, but it is a pretty good guess) After doing all the configurations listed below this burner has worked perfectly!!

If I should write a checklist on what I needed to fix, it would be:
    - SCSI emulation (couldn't burn a working cd without this!!!)
    - Set CDRECORD to SUID   (dpkg-reconfigure cdrecord)
- listen to all errormessages you may see when starting k3b, and fix them! - Edit /etc/cdrecord/cdrecord so it includes correct driver information. If you don't have this info, you can find burnerspecs on the web, use google. Sometimes it helps to set MAX_BURNERSPEED to less than the one given by the burner-specs. In my case I adjusted it down from 48x to 40x... - Set rights to all devices needed for the cd-burner (these can be more than just one...) with scsi emulation on my computer this was /dev/scd1 , /dev/sg1 , /dev/cdrw (just a symlink), and make sure the devices is owned by a group you are a member of.


Good luck!! If you need detailed explenations on this, say so and I will hand it to you when
I am at home by the PC.

Cheers, Vegard

Hoi Vegard,

Thanks for your detailed explanation! I can skip the k3b part because I mainly use the plain cdrecord command, and sometimes xcdroast, also a graphical frontend to cdrecord.

I've indeed gone through all the steps you mentioned and ran cdrecord as root! I even reduced the writing speed to 2! Running cdrecord with the -v option shows no errors at all. Using both the -v and -V option results in more output, which shows some scsi errors after fixating, and just before ejecting the disk! However I don't understand those messages!

I can't show you an example right now, because I removed the writer from the Linux box, and have it checked for possible hardware problems.

By the way, is the Lite-On LTR-48126S a recent model that is still available on the market?


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