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Re: Unable to write reliably CD-RW's!

 Charlie wrote:


I use only Lite-On CD/DVD burners, internal and USB external, in and plugged in, on desktops and laptops, and they work with Linux. Have always done, so when on a good thing, I stick to it.

But in Debian they don't work with the 2.4xxx kernel with K3B, and scsi emulation make no difference other than vanishing the external device. It seems that growisofs eats the device if scsi emulation is used. There are some things on the Internet about this. K3B use eats the external USB Lite-On because /etc/fstab lists it as an scsi device.

I cannot understand the growisofs way of creating a DVD, [more reading required] so burn CD's as backups. XCDRoast works a treat without any problems. Especially on the external Lite-On device.

That may or may not help.....

What means K3B?

Well the funny thing is that the Lite-on LTR-24102B (internal) has worked twice. The last occasion was when I used an initially written multi-session CD-RW (Imation) under Windows-XP, containing just one session. Adding another session to this CD-RW on my Linux box worked. The added information could be accessed from this CD-RW on both my Linux box and a Windows-XP machine!
So the behaviour is rather strange.

I'll have the CD-writer checked for possible malfunctions! But I don't believe it to be a hardware problem!

Does anybody know what CD-writers definitely work with Debian Sarge 3.1 (kernel 2.4.27)?


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