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Xorg eats my CPU


I am running (up to date) Debian unstable on my laptop, it has a
Radeon IGP 340M graphics chip. For the last month or so I am seeing
the Xorg process gradually gobble up more and more CPU, up to 30/40%
and in some cases 99%.

Even X on its own seems a little sluggish, e.g. when I change windows
the gnome icons take a fraction of a second to appear in the new

But the big CPU problems are seen when I run mozilla-firefox, since
usually when I kill firefox Xorg recovers.  I don't see any messages
in logs that might explain the behaviour and I can't find any related
bugs filed against Xorg.

Here is the output from the top of top:

top - 12:41:40 up  2:56,  4 users,  load average: 0.87, 0.45, 0.99
Tasks:  98 total,   3 running,  95 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie
Cpu(s): 40.7% us,  4.8% sy,  0.1% ni, 52.8% id,  1.2% wa,  0.1% hi,  0.3% si
Mem:    744112k total,   731812k used,    12300k free,   134736k buffers
Swap:   997880k total,      108k used,   997772k free,   239776k cached

13112 keving    17   0  130m  50m  16m R 34.7  7.0   2:04.21 firefox-bin
12761 root       5 -10 65052  13m 8108 S 10.1  1.9   1:12.19 Xorg
12933 keving    15   0 31756  13m 8596 S  0.2  1.9   0:18.06 gnome-terminal
12935 keving    15   0 44704 7344 5864 S  0.2  1.0   0:02.15 gnome-cups-icon

(Hope that shows up OK)

Does anyone have any idea what bug this might be? Or clues on how I can
track it down further? I don't really have enough information to file
a bug report yet ....

Thanks for any advice / help


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