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Re: Can't Get Exim4 Setup Right

On Sun, 08 Jan 2006 19:47:44 -0500
"Thomas H. George" <lists@tomgeorge.info> wrote:

> It seems simple but it doesn't work.  I have two mailboxes: 
> mail@tomgeorge.info and lists@tomgeorge.info and a Verizion DSL 
> connection.  With Mozilla I can set the outgoing smtp connection as 
> outgoing .verizon.net and send messages back and forth between the two 
> mailboxes.  Normally I download the debian-user messages to 
> lists@tomgeorge.info with Fetchmail and read them with Mutt nicely 
> strung together. I want to send messages or reply to messages from  
> Mutt.  With  dpkg-reconfigure exim4-configure I have:
>     Chosen not to split the configuration file
>     Chosen mail sent by smarthost; received via SMTP or fetchmail
>     Set my mail name to tomgeorge.info
>     Set IP address to listen to to
>     Left blank the field for which this machine should consider itself 
> the final destination, apart from the local host name (Dragon.Zoo) and 
> "localhost"
>     Left blank the field for the networks of local machines for which 
> you accept to relay mail
>     Entered outgoing.verizon.net as the smarthost
>     Chose not to hide the local name for outgoing mail
>     Did not limit the number of DNS-queries.
> With this setup I can apparently send mail from Mutt (it says sent) but 
> if I try to test this by sending an email to mail@tomgeorge.info if 
> never arrives.  There is no error message, no returned mail just a 
> confirmation from Mutt that the mail was sent but a Mozilla check for 
> mail@tomgeorge.info finds nothing.
> Obviously I can send this message with Mozilla as originating from 
> lists@tomgeorge.info so I have a means to post messages to the 
> debian-user list.  The problem is just that if I download and read the 
> messages from the debian-user list with fetchmail and mutt I have no way 
> to respond to them from mutt to preserve the threading by subject.  
> There must be sonething obvious that I have overlooked but I just don't 
> see it.
> Tom George
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what does exim4's log say? Run this

	#tail /var/mail/exim4/mainlog 

right after you send a test message from mutt


If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough. (Albert Einstein)

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