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Re: Xorg eats my CPU

Hello Kevin!

> I am running (up to date) Debian unstable on my laptop, it has a
> Radeon IGP 340M graphics chip. For the last month or so I am seeing
> the Xorg process gradually gobble up more and more CPU, up to 30/40%
> and in some cases 99%.
I have the same problem but switch to a console and back to X fix that
> Even X on its own seems a little sluggish, e.g. when I change windows
> the gnome icons take a fraction of a second to appear in the new
> window.
> But the big CPU problems are seen when I run mozilla-firefox, since
> usually when I kill firefox Xorg recovers.  I don't see any messages
> in logs that might explain the behaviour and I can't find any related
> bugs filed against Xorg.
That depends what side you visit. If there is a java applet or a flash
animation inside you need more CPU. 

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