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Re: newbies needing help for graphic login

Andrew Sackville-West wrote:

see my other note on this: why isn't (and I know NOTHING about the installer so bear with me) knoppix type detection done by the installer? There should be NOTHING that knoppix does that Debian can't do at install time, excepting kernel modules that are to far up the chain still. IOW, the installer should do a knoppix style detection and then test itself: "Dear user, the installer has detected a reasonable setup for your GUI. We will now switch to that GUI and if it works, you will be prompted to continue the installation. If it doesn't work, the installer will revert to this interface after XX seconds and will walk you through a reconfigure fo the X window system."

I think the knoppix installer uses some x86-specific tools that the debian crew does not really like -- those were taken from redhat I thought; note that the new debian installer is able to do a lot more autodetection on the X configuration than the old one (that is, the old one didn't try to do any it seemed) -- though in the end I did survive that (after needing to compile & use the nvidia driver to get X running, which was not the nicest part of the install for a newbie ;-))

I do not know how the new debian installer responds to this video card, as I haven't had any need to do an install lately (thanks to a smooth woody -> sarge upgrade :-) )

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