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Re: Linux Distribution Chooser

Steve Lamb wrote:
Joris Huizer wrote:

I think, if the newbie just wants kde because of some fancy screenshots,
it's too hard for him/her; remember the newbie doesn't know the
character '/' upons up a search in so many linux/unix tools, so he/she
is completely lost in an unknown interface
Why would it complicate matters so much to add a menu item in the
tasksel selection labeled 'KDE desktop' that ads 'kde' to the list of
packages to download (as aptitude will do the rest) ? I do not
understand :-s

    No, you don't.  In tasksel if you select GUI both are installed.  The only
thing the newbie has to do is select his interface the first time he logs in
from GDM.  That's the problem the other poster has.  That both are installed.

Sorry, in that case I had not understood correctly what the installer does; Installing both is okay.

if telling a newbie 'if you want to enter kde instead of gnome, choose it in the menu' is all that is needed to help this newbie, than setup is really great :-)



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