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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

On 12/24/05, Chinook <chinook.nr@tds.net> wrote:
> Kent West wrote:
> > Chinook wrote:
> >
> >> I went through the dpkg-reconfigure and it would not let me select
> >> anything except 800x600 and 640x480.  So next step I edited the file
> >> as Kelly mentioned to set 1280x1024.  Then I rebooted and found I was
> >> in a pile of it.  There is no more GUI (neither gdm or xdm will come up).
> >>
> >> Since, I have figured out that my selection of "ati" for a driver was
> >> likely what caused the max 800x600 issue and I should have used the
> >> driver "radeon," but there is no such driver in the Debian stable
> >> package I installed.  XFree86 says there should be but it's not there.
> >
> > Unless I'm mistaken, the "radeon" driver is non-free, and therefore
> > won't be in the Debian repositories. (But don't quote me, as I'm not sure.)
> >
> > Also, are you still running XFree86, or X.org? Probably won't be much
> > difference at this point, but this could be an issue.
> >
> Thanks Kent.  Well I tried gdm and xdm with the resolution issue until I
> screwed it all up :-) and don't remember what I last did - xdm i think
> if wer're on the same page.  Having only terminal mode, I don't know
> what to change to get back to gdm.  I can't just enter it at the prompt
> if the other is running.  I remember a config file that noted the
> default to use, but that will be a little difficult to discover again at
> this point. If you've a quick answer that would be nice, otherwise back
> to reading.

dpkg-reconfigure gdm
should do it

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