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Re: post install tidbits? [was Help with Linux selection please?]

Kent West wrote:
Chinook wrote:

I went through the dpkg-reconfigure and it would not let me select
anything except 800x600 and 640x480.  So next step I edited the file
as Kelly mentioned to set 1280x1024.  Then I rebooted and found I was
in a pile of it.  There is no more GUI (neither gdm or xdm will come up).

Since, I have figured out that my selection of "ati" for a driver was
likely what caused the max 800x600 issue and I should have used the
driver "radeon," but there is no such driver in the Debian stable
package I installed.  XFree86 says there should be but it's not there.

Unless I'm mistaken, the "radeon" driver is non-free, and therefore
won't be in the Debian repositories. (But don't quote me, as I'm not sure.)

Also, are you still running XFree86, or X.org? Probably won't be much
difference at this point, but this could be an issue.

Thanks Kent. Well I tried gdm and xdm with the resolution issue until I screwed it all up :-) and don't remember what I last did - xdm i think if wer're on the same page. Having only terminal mode, I don't know what to change to get back to gdm. I can't just enter it at the prompt if the other is running. I remember a config file that noted the default to use, but that will be a little difficult to discover again at this point. If you've a quick answer that would be nice, otherwise back to reading.

I'm not going to get too excited about it today obviously :-)

Happy holidays,
Lee C

Before I can go looking for it, I would like to get the GUI back.  It
boots into terminal mode because gdm/xdm fail, so I tried the
dpkg-reconfigure again to get the configuration file back to where it
was but the GUI still wont come back.  I'm going to sleep on it then
try something like nano against the file.

Once you edit the config file by hand, dpkg-reconfigure will no longer
touch it until you do the steps at the top of that file.

As a short-term "fix", you should be able to specify "vesa" as your
video driver.

PS: Times like this remind me of how much effort my Mac saves me :-)


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