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Re: Question on backups using rsync

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Daniel Webb wrote:

> In the case you're talking about, I suggest rdiff-backup assuming you can ssh
> to the web server.  The downside of just using (automated) rsync is that if
> you get corruption on your main system it may be copied to the remote system
> before you realize it, and the whole point of backup would be lost.

bingo .. exactly ... which is a "major downside" .. bummer ..

automated backup is worthless for that precise reason about corrupted main
systems and there's hundreds of reasons/problems that causes the
main system or backup system to have bad data rendering either or both

backups should be saved not mirrored ... and it's NOT the same thing

"backups" and "mirrors" are an issue of how much $$$ and time do you
lost if you lost the data forever, and work on an acceptable plan.
but, if one doesn't forsee/forecast the problems in their solutions, 
than, those other issues is non-issue at them time of implementing the
current backup or mirror plans

c ya

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