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Notebook freezes/reboots


I am experiencing a very annoying problem with my HP NX9010 notebook:
following the failure of the hard disk, I decided to refurbish it and
upgraded it with a new hd and also replaced the original 256MB PC2700
CL 2.5 Hynix Sodimm with two brand new 512 MB Kingston ones (with the
same clocking/cas latency). 1 GB ram is the maximum that this notebook
can handle and here we are. I then re-installed "Etch" from scratch
and this is when the problem began...

The notebook unpredictably completely freezes or suddenly powers
itself down and then up again... on his own! At least once or twice a
day, sometimes right after the boot/login, sometimes after hours. This
is simply unacceptable.

Somebody suggested me to pass the noapic and nolapic options to the
kernel, but the weird behaviour doesn't stop. I've checked the ram
several times with Memtest86+ and it seems to be working faultlessly.
My setup is: latest Etch (I did a netinstall) with stock 2.6.12-10-686
kernel, standard Kde 3.4.3, "ati" X.org drivers (autodetected) and it
is not running on battery. I must stress that before upgrading it, the
previous installation of Etch never gave me problems (I was very much
fond of it). Any hints? ACPI perhaps? Too much ram for a standard
kernel? Bad (or not completely compatible) ram?

Thank in advance to my saviours! ;-)

Piero Piutti
Debian Linux - KDE - Firefox - Gmail - Member of Brindisi Linux User Group

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