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Re: Notebook freezes/reboots

On Tuesday 20 December 2005 22:57, Piero Piutti wrote:
> Hi!
> I am experiencing a very annoying problem with my HP NX9010 notebook:
> following the failure of the hard disk, I decided to refurbish it and
> upgraded it with a new hd and also replaced the original 256MB PC2700
> CL 2.5 Hynix Sodimm with two brand new 512 MB Kingston ones (with the
> same clocking/cas latency). 1 GB ram is the maximum that this notebook
> can handle and here we are. I then re-installed "Etch" from scratch
> and this is when the problem began...

Standard troubleshooting proceedure is to take the new ram out and put the old 
ram back in.

Other than hypothise that the new hdd takes more power than the old one did, 
it is possible that other parts of the laptop also got damaged.

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