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Re: Galeon / Firefox print issues, very large fonts, unusable

Karsten M. Self wrote:
For the past week or more, testing/unstable, I've had unusable print
output from Galeon and Firefox browsers.

Sample output at

... very simple source HTML file and printed output.

From looking at your .ps file it seems that you use xprint. This problem was reported on the xprint buglist (xprint@mozdev.org, archives at xprint.mozdev.org). I've had it at least since September, do not know which upgrade was responsible.

-- printing to file (mozilla.ps) produces Postscript which, when viewed
   with gv, shows impossibly large text (which cannot be reduced in size
   by reducing the magnification factor in gv).

-- however, actually printing it (on paper) produces normal-sized
   results. So it is not totally unusable.

Your galeon.ps file seems to have the same symptoms. It prints (on my system) at normal size. Some things are different from a "normal" xprint printout, though: the position of the text on the paper is about half-way down, not at the top. Also, there are no headers & footers. Maybe this is caused by your settings in Galeon.

It is not likely that this problem will be resolved soon. Almost no xprint related problem ever is; only one person knows how xprint really works, and he hasn't posted anything on his own list for many months.

I've collected some hints on how to use xprint on http://www.jw-stumpel.nl/stestu#T9.4.3 (your problem is not the one in the box "print size problems"; it is a different problem which I haven't yet mentioned on my page). But this will not help you to produce well-behaved PostScript. If you do not need international text printing, it is best to get rid of xprint, and go back to printing by PostScript/default.

Regards, Jan

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