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Re: Galeon / Firefox print issues, very large fonts, unusable

Karsten M. Self wrote:
For the past week or more, testing/unstable, I've had unusable print
output from Galeon and Firefox browsers.

Sample output at

... very simple source HTML file and printed output.

Galeon and Firefox's print preview feature shows appropriate output.

Any troubleshooting suggestions appreciated.



Don't hear much from you anymore.
Posted this recently about TBird: when selecting "print" the 1st 3 printer entries show someting with @:64 and they produce invalid data for GV when printing to file and huge characters when printing. I run Sarge.

But the 4th entry shows Postscript/printer1 and *that* one works in both cases.

I posted the question of how to make the fourth entry no. 1.

The only answer I got is not to run xprint, but I have no idea how those entries get there.

BTW my homerolled mozilla only shows the postscript entry: is that because I set
ac_add_options --disable-xprint
in the compilation?

Did these problems start after an upgrade?

Does the mozilla help pages of metzger show anything?


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