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Re: tutorial to use the BTS ?

2005-12-13, Rakotomandimby Mihamina
> Hi,
> I would like to notify a package maintainer that a new version of the
> software he packaged is out.
> I told me not to directly contact him, but to use the "BTS".
> Ok.
> - What is that?
> - Need to register?
> - Where?
> - What, in a few lines, are the rules in there? (please dont give me the
> link of a hundred lines document)

You might want to try the package reportbug. Use: "reportbug
<package-name>". Information about the BTS can be found at

You can also get to a description of the state of the package by
starting a package search [http://www.fr.debian.org/distrib/packages]
and when listing the package you are interested in, clicking on the
"developer information" package, which shows the information on the
source package from which the binary package you searched for comes.

Gonzalo HIGUERA DÍAZ <gonhidi@gmail.com>

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