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Re: Where does LVM store its data?

On 12/12/05, hendrik@topoi.pooq.com <hendrik@topoi.pooq.com> wrote:
> Where does LVM store its data -- where it identifies
> where its logical partitions are.  Can I take a volume
> that's managed by LVM and physiclaly carry it from one
> machine to another, and expect the other machine to
> understand it (assuming its kernel contains LVM support,
> and assuming the partitions aren't split across physical
> volumes, of course?)
> Actually, I suppose I'm asking about LVM2, just in case
> there is a significant difference.

As far as I can tell, It's stored in the PVs themselves
(when I boot ubuntu it finds all my Debian LVs, for example) .
You should be able to drop a disk in elsewhere
and have a vgscan/pvscan find it (which happens at boot normally).

/etc/lvm/lvm.conf mainly configures how pvscan etc work, so unless
you tweaked that it should'nt be necessary to change it on the other

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