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Re: Galeon / Firefox print issues, very large fonts, unusable

Jan Willem Stumpel wrote:
Karsten M. Self wrote:

For the past week or more, testing/unstable, I've had unusable print
output from Galeon and Firefox browsers.


I've collected some hints on how to use xprint on http://www.jw-stumpel.nl/stestu#T9.4.3 (your problem is not the one in the box "print size problems"; it is a different problem which I haven't yet mentioned on my page). But this will not help you to produce well-behaved PostScript. If you do not need international text printing, it is best to get rid of xprint, and go back to printing by PostScript/default.

But when I stop the xprint servers and use print in TBird, indeed only the postscript menu item appears but using it to file is excruciatingly slow and produces an unrecoverable error in GV.


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