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Re: realplayer on gnome & sound

Jude DaShiell on 12/12/05 01:31, wrote:
I've had about the same experience with slackware 10.2 but I was using trplayer down on the text level and failed with: http://audio.federalnewsradio.com/stream/real/fnr.sml

On Sun, 11 Dec 2005, Adam Hardy wrote:

Realplayer 10 is not working for me. When I try to start any sound file like an mp3, it dies.

I streams OK, but won't play any sound.

I set up the standard realplayer 10 from apt

I'm using gnome and in xmms for instance, I can play sound using either the OSS output plugin or the esound output plugin, but not via alsa.

I tried using realplay with aoss, but still no sound.

Did you resolve it (apart from the 404)?


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