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Re: realplayer 10 hassles

d@jerkface.net on 30/11/05 23:38, wrote:
On Wed, Nov 30, 2005 at 11:06:48PM +0000, Adam Hardy wrote:
Bruno Buys on 30/11/05 17:19, wrote:

Are you trying to get something that mplayer can´t? Realplayer is a
pain, I think. Never figured how to play those smil files, supposed
to be Real´s prop format. Real´s for win does play, though not
flawless.  Use mplayer.

I've been there and done that. There's no firefox mplayer extension
though, is there?

I could really appreciate it someone could chime in with a big hint
about my situation above.

There is a firefox mplayer plugin, but first use mplayer directly and
make sure that works.  Try playing a simple .wav or .mp3 with sox's
"play" script; if that does not work, the problem is not mplayer.  If
it does, check mplayer output for audio system errors.  Check your
configured audio output plugin in mplayer.conf and .mplayer/conf.

mplayer works.

I assume from the response that more people use mplayer than realplayer?

I don't really know how to put this since people have been kind enough to point me towards mplayer - mplayer needs a plugin that I have to compile from source and I just don't have the time or energy to support entertainment stuff on my system to that level at the moment.

Thanks for the advice but can anyone tell me what realplayer needs to get its act in order?


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