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Re: Request to remove Information

Clive Menzies wrote:

On (15/11/05 13:13), johannes wrote:
NB: It's interesting to look at other pages that turn up on googleing 'Weissgerber, Tom L'

I presume you mean:

Inside Intel: Banana Republics In The Silicon Empire
From: Weissgerber, Tom L Sent: Monday, April 11, 2005 2:50 PM To:
Dayton, Stephen
M Subject: Clamshell Popper Design Project ...
www.useless-knowledge.com/1234/nov/article097.html - 17k - Cached -
Similar pages

You know it happens but .......

I suspect Intel is in no way unique in this respect; my own limited
experience of large corporations has been similar.  As in many other
bureaucratic organisations (public and commercial), it is the 'system'
rather than the individuals which is flawed.

Well, yes, but it is also the organisation that supplies both the anonymity to indulge, and the sociological acceptance factor that comes from the definition of 'success' provided by that organisation environment.

The individual and the environment are reflections of each other.
Deny the individual the right to be responsible for his environment, and you deprive him of any means to improve upon it.

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