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Re: Request to remove Information

Steve Lamb wrote:

   Gotta love people who whine about "gobalization" using the internet; the
shining beacon of that concept.
The problem with "globalization" is that the concept applies only to money and goods. When it comes to people then the world stops to be global.

   So what exactly is wrong with the lowest wages/taxes?  C'mon, think it
through to the end.
The problem with low wages is that the chinese worker, which is doing the outsourced work, is working whole day, seven days a week for a sallary which barely keeps him alive. Why? So that someone can buy a $5000 suit, live in a house with 27 rooms and 9 bathrooms and with a ferrari parked alongside 15 metre limo. Everyone who is not bitching about this kind of world should seriously think about what is wrong with him.

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