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Re: WordPerfect 8.0

* Almut Behrens <almut_behrens@gmx.net> [2005 Nov 19 08:55 -0600]:
> On Sat, Nov 19, 2005 at 07:58:00AM -0600, Nate Bargmann wrote:
> > > If you want Reveal Codes, you could always edit the XML in Vim...
> > 
> > Ugggh!  I'll use FTE instead.  ;-)
> Heh! another fte user -- unbelievable :)
> (That's my secret love, too, but so far I got the impression I'm the
> only one in this whole world using it.  Unfortunately, if you often
> have to work on other people's machines, you'll hardly ever find it
> installed -- well, never, actually ;(  On the positive side is, though,
> that when the next vim vs. emacs thread comes up (and I have no clear
> preference as to those two), I can simply lean back, relax and watch
> them argue from the distance ;)

Ohh no!  Get right in there and trumpet FTE.  It leaves them dazed and
confused.  ;-)

I even have Mutt calling FTE as my default mail editor.  I am sooo much
happier composing messages since I did so.

- Nate >>

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