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Re: WordPerfect 8.0

Ken Heard wrote:
Those of you who go back to before the earth's crust hardened, may remember Corel WordPrefect 8.0 (and 8.1). WP 8.0 was released by Corel about 2000. It (and 8.1) were the only versions of WP which were native to Linux. (WP 10 was ported from Windows to Linux through Corel's own vintage of wine.)

I am a Word Perfect diehard. Consequently, in 2000, as part of my conversion to Linux, I acquired Corel WordPerfect 8.0. However, am only now trying to defenistrate myself and take up Linux by means of Debian Sarge.

I have the Corel CDROM which has on it the WP 8.0. .deb package. There is however a dependency problem on which I would like some advice.

I, too, have WP8 on my box, and go back to WP5.1 for DOS.  I will
probably not have it on the disk for long.  It seems to have quit
working.  It is having trouble opening libXt,so.6, which sounds like it
may have originally come from that file you're having trouble with, but
has since been replaced by a newer version in package libxt6.

In any case, what had been working is now broken.  So you may get it to
work, but maybe only until something else tries to update that library,
or some other older library that it is using.

Even before I noticed that my WP* was broken, however, I was thinking of
removing it since there is another option if you have a fast internet
connection.  Openoffice.org2 now handles WordPerfect files.  I tried it
on a document that I got from someone else, as well as all the documents
in the WP8 samples directory.  The only one that it failed to read
properly was the .wpg graphics file.  Granted, Openoffice.org2 is not in
Sarge, but it is easy enough to install from the files at
www.openoffice.org.  I did it recently and there has been much
discussion on the list, including what I did to install it.  Just look
through the archives for the thread 'OpenOffice 2 on Sarge?'.


Marc Shapiro

Marc Shapiro

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