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Re: Request to remove Information

Steve Lamb wrote:

   Not to mention that people for some reason think that the groupthink et
al. for corporations are bad because it is "for profit" and yet groupthink for
"the community" is good because it isn't.
Groupthink is bad regardless of circumstances. Whether a bad decision is made by a board of directors, a local government, or the federal government (we've had a fair bit of those lately), it is still a bad decision.

   There was a reply in here somewhere that I never got, only quoted, where
someone attributed my name to the "cowboy mentality" of "give me 40 acres, a
mule, a shotgun and I'll take care of myself".  They went on to say that
because of the large urban populations we're more interconnected than I
supposedly seem to think; that the Europeans have figured this out and is why
their laws are more "friendly to communities".  What they failed to realize
that pretty much any time action is taken "for the good of the community" it
denies that the community is made up of individuals.  It is flat-out
anti-individual.  How something can be friendly to a group of individuals
while being hostile to any individual in that group is beyond me.

I'm really not sure what you mean here. Perhaps an example of a law that is meant to be friendly to the community but is unfriendly to an individiual would be in order?

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